Scamp is my sweater kitty. I call her that cause she is always trying to curl up inside my sweater in the winter. I even have a picture of her like that. The others do it too but nothing like she does it.

Scamp was Alpha when she was first born of the triplets on July 26th, 2002. We don't know who was actually first so we just picked one and said okay, you're number one kitty. And Scamp was it.

She is an American shorthair gray striped Tabby with the marking on her forehead. Scamp looks a lot like her mama but it's not as soft. She has more black in her than Maggie does. But then we suspect the father was black since the coloring of all the kittens are a black or black and white combination.

I had a hard time with Scamp too. She didn't want to be a loving kitty at first, not really sure why but she and I would spend a few seconds at a time just sitting there with her being petted. The time would stretch out until she was eventually okay with a min or so at a time. Now she does very well with time as long as nothing will bother her.

Scamp also has sad eyes but don't let that face confuse you...behind that sweet, innocent face lies a crazy wild child with devilment up her paw. She adores finding treasures. And almost anything can be a treasure cough drop wrappers, hair ties, I've even had her swipe the stuffed bear in the living room. Her favorite hiding place is under our bed so anytime anything is missing, that is where we first look.

Scamp has an extremely loud purr according to the V*T (I can't type the real word, it's a dirty word to kitties). She is so loud that we had trouble finding her heartbeat during her exam. And she likes to follow *mama* (that's me) since all the kitties consider me the alpha female in the house. But she isn't as vocal as the other two in spite of her loud purr.

Here are some of Scamp's best pictures:

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