If there ever was a runt of the litter, it was Mischief. She almost didn't make it. Mischief started off life as Bravo. She was the littlest of the litter even though she was the second born that July 26th, 2002. And she has stayed the littlest even now when she is beginning to resemble a football with feet. Mischief is an American Shorthair.

Mischief almost didn't end up with that name but boy, has she grown into it. She deserve it more than any one kitty ever has. It's like she has an *evil twin*. She'll get caught doing something and we'll ask her about it and she'll look up and around like she is going *Who, me, mama? Surely, not me? Has to have been my evil twin?*

Mischief reminds Pam of Misty, Charles' cat when we got married, which is one reason we were glad we got to keep her. Mischief likes to curl up into blankets and clothes and other warm spots into a ball and hide. She turns herself into a ball with almost nothing showing. She has the softest fur. And she LOVES to talk to us. She is a vocal kitty with a varied vocabulary. Like the other two, she is also a social kitty.

Here are some favorite Mischief shots, esp with her being a Christmas decoration:

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