Maggie is now Elder Kitty now that Miss Izzy has gone on across the Rainbow Bridge. One June morning in 2002, as I was sending Charles off to work, he noticed a gray striped tabby on the deck. The kitty was so friendly and Charles really wanted to keep it. But we had Snowy and Izzy and Snowy was very old and set in her ways and I didn't see her accepting another cat. I told him to just chase the kitty away and go on to work. The kitty wouldn't chase away though. We thought it was a male cat at the time and I was convinced the kitty was chasing my birds away from our *feline entertainment center*. It wasn't until much later that day that I finally went out and finally gave in and brought the kitty in and that's how Maggie joined us.

Only we had to name her first. We had to find her name and that took some doing. At the time we named her, we didn't realize how appropriate it would be though. You see, we took her to the vet to have her checked out for shots and to have her fixed. Only we couldn't have her fixed right away. The stray we took in was a *floozy* As in Maggie, the Cat of the "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". And on July 26th, Maggie presented us with three children who we fully intended on giving away. So we named them Alpha, Bravo, and Charley. I am putting one picture here of them and then will put up one page of pictures of just cat photos of leftovers. Each of the children will have their own page cause as is obvious by now, we didn't give them away.

Maggie made a good mama but was murder to be around as far as Snowy was concerned and all because Snowy saw HER blanket and got in the box unknowingly getting in with the kittens as well. Maggie and Snowy never really got along after that. We kept Maggie and her babies back in the guest room until they were old enough to roam the house at 5 weeks old and that's when it got interesting. We were worried about how things were going to go with Maggie, her children and Snowy but Snowy made a good grandmother and Maggie let her.

The children have grown up and Maggie has stopped being their mama and is just an elder kitty to them. Which is the way the world should be. And when the *Kitty Olympics* get started, it can get nuts in here, cause Maggie is usually in the lead.

Maggie is a very intelligent kitty. She also has this habit of worrying, she will run from window to window trying to see what is going on. I've never seen anything like it. And she guards the house. She has this sitting position that I haven't seen another cat use.

Here are some of my favorite Maggie pictures:

Here are Maggie's children as promised before I move on to their pages: Alpha, Bravo, and Charley or as they are now known...Scamp, Mischief, and Charley. This picture was made when they were only 1 day old.

I know that Maggie was a house kitty before we got her because she is too loving and trusting. I am glad we have her now and I am glad she wandered onto the deck and into our hearts that day.