In Memory of Miss Izzy

31 Oct 1998 - 10 Feb 2014

Miss Izzy has gone onto the Rainbow Bridge. Miss Izzy, short for Isadora..the ballet dancer, is a black American shorthair. We got her from the Humane Society in Pittsburgh when she was 6 months old. Since she is almost totally black, we decided to make her birthday on 31 October. It's fits her so well.

This happened all at once and thankfully one of us had the presence of mind to grab the camera and get it. What you can't see is that there is a bug on the ceiling JUST out of her reach. She was just living up to her name.

When we got Izzy, we told Pam that Izzy was her cat. Well, it was obvious that Izzy must have understood that cause she bonded with Pam immediately. She took her time with Charles and I. She has decided to become my cat at times but she is primarily Pam's. She likes to be petted and she will sit in my lap or sit right with me at the computer. She also will walk under my legs, brushing them with her tail.
She has also developed this talent for closing the *office* door on me as she RUNS out of the office and she knows she's doing it. I'll yell *Miss Izzy* and she'll go running down the hall as fast as she can with that guilty waddle in her stride!

When we first moved here to Monroe, Izzy had never seen vertical blinds. Playing in the vertical blinds has been a new experience for her. Snowy had to *show* her how to deal with them. The first time Izzy saw them, they were pulled closed and turned so it *looked* like a solid wasn't until Snowy just walked thru it that it clicked with Izzy. She adored playing in them.

Izzy has gotten into some strange places. The dryer was funny...I was emptying it and she got nosy. As I emptied it, I keep checking to see if it was cool enough and when it was, I put her on the lid...she got in and settled down.

She also likes to lay down IN our way in the kitchen. We call it *playing puppy* cause she DOES. She will roll over and meow at you. It is funny to watch.

Izzy loves to stretch and when she stretches forward, she collapses on her stomach with her legs straight behind her. But with the *children* around, she doesn't get to do that very often anymore. But her tail is the has a bend in it and I was trying to catch that here as well.

Who could resist this face? Cause I sure couldn't...she just wanted some attention and I was handy.

Here she is just perched on the top of the gave her an advantage point to watch for Snowy and now the children.

At one point, Pam was refered to as *Her Royal Highness Princess Pammy*. Well, Izzy became known as *Her Royal Highness Princess Whiney Butt* and so this photo was named HRHPWB and my tulips. Izzy is still living up to her name, she is still grumpy especially with the children. LOL.

This last one has her laying down on my back...what happens is that I pick her up and put her over my shoulder like one would do a baby...and that is where the resemblance ends...she crawls up on my shoulder across the top of my back...well, I don't want her to jump from that high a *ledge* so I bend over and she follows me down but instead of getting off, she PARKS herself like she *owns* me...hey, wait, she does, doesn't she?

This is one of the most recent pictures we have of Izzy. And it's one of the few toys we ever bought that the cats have enjoyed playing with. Normally a cat doesn't play with a toy you buy. They make their own toys. But this one was a hit.

This is all for now. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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